The Atlantic Council launches New Resilience Centre

The Atlantic Council has launched the new Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center in Washington DC today. The center was formed with the help of a $25 million gift from business leader and philanthropist Adrienne Arsht and a $30-million grant from The Rockefeller Foundation.

The center will identify, implement and scale solutions to the urgent global issues of climate change, migration and security with the goal of reaching one billion people by 2030. The center will use a range of evidence-based and innovative approaches, including policy frameworks, finance and risk transfer tools, and technology and communications strategies, including performing arts.

The Global Island Partnership will be an early partner to the initiative along with the Urban Institute, Zurich Insurance Group Ltd., the Red Cross, Swiss Re, HR&A Advisors and governments across the Caribbean through the Caribbean Catastrophic Risk and Insurance Facility.

“We look forward to working together with the Center as an early partner to highlight island leadership and island solutions as we collectively build resilience around the globe. We appreciate the focus on implementation and moving from strategizing to doing and see many opportunities for synergy and leveraging impact with GLISPA activities.”Kate Brown, Executive Director of the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA).

“We’re inspired by the announcement from the Adrienne Arscht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center and its vision in building a more resilient, secure future. As laboratories for innovation, islands are leading with scalable solutions that cut across the energy-water-food nexus. This initiative with key partners in the finance, data and insurance sector has the potential to have a major impact in communities across the world,” Celeste Connors, former White House Director for Climate Change and Environment, Executive Director of the Hawaii Green Growth Local2030 Islands Hub and GLISPA Board member.

Timothy ShueGLISPA