TUMI - promoting urban mobility transformations

In 2018 the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI), a leading global implementation initiative on sustainable mobility, ran the Global Urban Mobility Challenge in order to support a range of mobility initiatives throughout the world.

The 2018 winning projects included:

  • an Inclusive Urban Street Design Improvement Project in Chennai

  • a women’s public safety app in Bogota (promoting safety in public spaces and public transport)

  • Bicycle Share Programs in Hoi An City and Addis Ababa

  • A Mobility accelerator program in Nairobi

  • an open street project in Capetown

  • Improving walkability in Lagos

  • A mobility app in Dar es Salam

  • eRickshaws in Singra

TUMI is proud to announce the 2019 challenge which will support up to 10 cities with up to EUR 200k for pilot projects to start a mobility transformation in their city. The 2019 TUMI Global Urban Mobility Challenge, sponsored by BMZ is an initiative to support local leaders in their mobility transformation efforts.

TUMI is the leading global implementation initiative on sustainable mobility, its goal is to change mobility for the benefit of people and the environment. TUMI supports transport projects all around the world and enables policy makers to transform urban mobility.

TUMI acts in three areas: innovation, knowledge, investment. It supports innovative pilot projects around the world, shares knowledge with planners about modern mobility concepts, in workshops and conferences and invests in the construction and modernisation of sustainable urban infrastructure.

Timothy Shue