TUMI announces Global Urban Mobility Challenge 2019 winners

The ten winners of the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) Global Mobility Challenge 2019 were announced at the TUMIVolt Conference in Leipzig, Germany.

In rapidly growing cities in the developing world, there is a dire need for bold sustainable mobility solutions that tackle congestion, air pollution and growing demand for transport.

The TUMI Global Urban Mobility Challenge supports local solutions to address this need by supporting each winning project with up to 200,000 Euros along with technical assistance to turn ideas and proposals into tangible solutions. The winning projects focus on all aspects of sustainable mobility ranging from logistics management, to digital solutions, smart mobility, non-motorised transport and e-mobility.

The 2019 winning projects are:

  • Jinja, Uganda will upgrade the flow of people and goods in and around their central market area by implementing infrastructure that supports non-motorised and eco-friendly transport.

  • Fortaleza, Brazil will introduce e-tricycles for use by informal workers who collect and carry up to 500 kg of recyclable waste daily.

  • Windhoek, Namibia will launch an e-bike sharing stations at strategic points throughout the hot and hilly city.

  • Nagpur, India will increase public transport ridership by building an integrated journey planner that informs public transport users of the shortest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly public transport options.

  • Cairo, Egypt will increase bus service quality and efficiency by integrating various services into one platform which can provide real-time information and journey planning tools for public transport users.

  • Guadalajara, Mexico will offer residents better information on transport routes, travel time changes, and mobility options through an open source digital platform.

  • Trujillo, Peru will introduce a formal integrated transport system and create high quality spaces for inter-modality and non-motorized transport by transforming one of its most important avenues through a series of technological, operational, spatial and social interventions.

  • Zhytomyr, Ukraine will encourage a shift from motorized towards sustainable modes of transport by upgrading infrastructure and raising awareness among school students and their parents.

  • Kochi, India will re-imagine Fort Kochi Island as a livable historic core of Kochi city through enhanced walkable conditions and active public spaces.

  • and Banjarmasin, Indonesia will transform the Pelambuan into a comprehensively accessible and inclusive neighborhood through a citizen-driven process.

The TUMI winners know how much of an impact this award will make. “We are really excited and we still cannot believe that we are one of the TUMI winners“ says Ernest Nabihamba, Principal of Natural Resources in Jinja. “This grant will transform the journey that Jinja started with EcoMobility SHIFT and bring us to the next level towards sustainable mobility. It will give us a head start on our recently approved 5-year transport plan and help us shift towards ecomobility and prioritise active mobility infrastructure.”

Jofram Waidhuuba, Town Clerk in Jinja adds “the Jinja central market area is the most significant and congested area in the Central Business District. Thanks to the TUMI award we will be able to change the way people live and move, and shift away from business as usual in favour of more sustainable practices.”

To learn more about the TUMI and the Global Mobility Challenge, visit https://www.transformative-mobility.org/

Timothy Shue